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Richard Leung

Richard is an engineer by profession, who was trained to think and act in an engineer’s way. Richard Leung is also an artist by nature, and was born with a gift of painting. He is sensitive in forms, lines and colors, and likes visual art in particular.  His right brain should be dominant over his left brain. But he earns his living by using his left brain.

自小喜歡畫畫,但從來不知道自己也懂得畫。直至在不惑之年才執起畫筆,畫出彩色的人生。 對線條、光影、和色彩都很敏感。喜歡的不單是粉彩,還有水彩、油畫、塑膠彩,甚至數碼繪畫和攝影。視覺藝術給他無限快樂。

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