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Gladys Kwok

小時候的我喜歡畫畫, 長大後因為學業的關係便把我的畫筆放下了

在人生最動盪的時候, 我重拾了被我放下的畫筆




還在畫畫的過程探索中的我慢慢接觸了粉彩這個媒介, 亦接觸了其他不同的媒介如鉛筆,炭筆,油畫和鋼筆

還在畫畫的世界嘗試著各種的可能的我, 想看看在畫畫的旅途中的我可以走多遠, 亦想看看我畫畫的世界有多闊


When I was a child, I like to draw.

I put aside my drawing because of studies when I grew up.

During the most miserable time in my life, I pick up my drawing again. 


Sketching and realistic works are the types of drawing that I like most. 

I gradually came into contact with pastels when exploring in the world of art, and also touched on other media like pencils, charcoal, oil paintings and pens.

I would like to see how far I can go on in the journey of my drawing when trying different kinds of possibilities in the world of art. 

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